Georgia Tech Research Corporation/Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation

GTRC Technology Licensing Activities, Fiscal Years 2015 and 2016

  2015 2016
Inventions, software and copyright disclosures 284 321
Patents Issued (U.S. & International) 120 102
Patent Applications 105 105
Invention licenses executed 65 56
Software licenses executed 0 3
Copyright licenses 0 2

Georgia Tech Research Corporation Officers/Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation 

Name Office
Mr. Scott M. Frank Chair
Mr. Louis Graziano Vice Chair
Dr. Stephen E. Cross President
Ms. Jilda D. Garton Vice President for Research
Ms. Jilda D. Garton General Manager
Dr. Gary May Secretary - GTRC
Ms. Rebecca Caravati Secretary - GTARC
Dr. Stephen E. Cross Treasurer

Georgia Tech Research Corporation Trustees/Georgia Tech Applied Research Corporation Trustees

Trustee Title
Mr. John Avery Engineering Group Manager, Panasonic Innovation Center
Mr. Ronald L. Bracken Consultant
Dr. Rafael Bras Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mr. Charles Concannon Manager of University R&D, The Boeing Company
Dr. Stephen E. Cross Executive Vice President for Research
Dr. Patricia Falcone Deputy Director for Science & Technology at Livermore National Laboratory
Mr. Scott M. Frank President & CEO, AT&T Intellectual Property
Mr. Louis Graziano University R&D Strategy Leader, Dow Chemical Company
Dr. Xiaoyan "Shell" Huang Director of Global External Technology Acquisition, The Coca-Cola Company
Mr. Deryl W. Israel Consultant, Retired USAF Senior Executive Service
Mr. Steven G. Swant Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance
Dr. Frederic Villeneuve Siemens Energy - Manager Gas Turbines Technology Department

Georgia Tech Research Corporation Trustees Emeritus/Georgia Tech Applied Research 

Trustees Emeritus Title
Mr. Ben Dyer Entrepreneur in Residence, The University of Texas at Austin
Mr. J. Leland Strange Chairman, President, & CEO, Intelligent Systems Corporation

Source: Georgia Tech Research Corporation