How to Request New Research or Analysis

Many requests can be resolved instantly by accessing and manipulating reports via the Georgia Tech LITE Portal.
Before submitting a request, please ensure that the information you need is not already available there.

Please note that turnaround times vary with complexity and request volume.

Send your request to and include the following information:

  • A detailed description of the data you need to answer your question or help drive your decision.
  • Whether this is a recurring request or one-time only.
  • The purpose for which the data will be used (e.g., accreditation, compliance, newsletter, decision support).
  • How the data will be shared (i.e., with internal stakeholders or the general public).
  • The latest date by which the requested data is needed.

If you have a data template, previously produced report, or other documents that may help clarify your request, we strongly recommend sharing
them via GT OneDrive. If you are unable to use GT OneDrive, please do not attach files containing FERPA protected data to your email.

Please be advised that requests involving FERPA protected data will not be shared via email. Files containing protected data will be disseminated
via an approved secure data sharing method.