Changes in interests and funding from governmental, private and foundation sources

Online Education's Reputation Jumps, Survey Says

For six years New America has been collecting data on Americans’ views about higher education for its Varying Degrees survey. Surprisingly, despite significant social, cultural, political, and economic changes, there was remarkably little change in views on the value and opportunities provided by higher education. One area that did change was the perception of online education.

First-Generation College Graduates Lag Behind Peers

Numerous studies have correlated educational attainment with wealth attainment. Earning at least a bachelor's degree is associated with better economic outcomes, including higher wages and lower rates of unemployment. However, a study by Pew Research Center revealed an economic disparity between first generation college graduates versus those who had at least one college-educated parent.

Higher Education R&D Increase in FY20 is the Lowest since FY15

The National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics released a report, Higher Education R&D Increase of 3.3% in FY 2020 is the Lowest since FY 2015. From FY 2019 to FY 2020, research and development spending by academic institutions experienced the slowest growth since the four years of decreasing federal funding from FY 2012 to FY 2015.